Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple people

Simple people I met one day in Saliste (Sibiu) in an animal fair. For sure I won't see them again but I will remember their big surprise seeing me eager to photograph their tired faces, their pigs and sheep.
„What in the earth is she doin' with those photos?“ they askerd themselves nodding their heads... I told them I will keep them to remember... They seemed even more confused at first, then grabbed their pigs in their arms and prepared themselves for a new "family" portrait.

This little old lady is that kind of person that spreads wormth around. She never said she's tired, she never complained for anything and she never forgot to smile kindly to everyone.


Sorin Bâscă said...

Superb blog. Pacat ca nu l-am descoperit mai devreme.

Superbe pozele. In special cele cu Grecia.

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