Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I used to call this foto "my soul"
"Talking to Dennis"
Dennis the kid. He's not a real kid anymore. He's just a voice, a smiling picture in a famly album. He's left behind at grandparents' house. We love him, because we send him money and we call him two times a week. We don't have time for him anymore. We never did. Whom to blame. Deffinetly not ouselves. lost...just diamonds and rust
Society. A complete missunderstanding of what we do and what we want to do. A constant lie to ourselves.
The past is watching you. It always travells by an old train...Just wait till the train will pass. And it will...
One offered me a forbbiden flower. I'll keep it forever....


Sofsa Faso said...

'na ziua !

mi'au placut mult ideile, mai ales aceste suprarealiste!

felicitari !

numai bine !

marius said...

toata seria e super dar 9 imi place in mod deosebit